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Hey everyone!

I know we are still a relatively small group, but please feel free to browse around dA and submit artwork to our gallery folders! Any artwork will do so long as it is supportive of the LGBT community, and/or has a rainbow in it (hence the folder titled "rainbows" for any random deviation with a rainbow, whether it's for gay pride or not).

Ask others to join, too :D I have a wonderful event planned for when we have enough members.


Your Founder,
Currently, whenever somebody joins it seems that they are going straight to Contributor.  If you joined our group and you are a contributor but do not wish to be, please contact me and I will fix the problem right away.

Thank you.
There's a reason they call it "The Closet". Being in the Closet, you get claustrophobic and scared. It's dark and stuffy and lonely. But once you come out, and you have the whole world in front of you, everything gets better, easier. Even though people might be suprised to see you walk out of that closet (since most people don't hide in closets) they will get over the shock and move on with their lives.
Well, we are finally here!
This group was originally XxEpicPanda13xX's and Arty-Kyn's idea.  It was an idea to make a group where people could go for comfort.  A refuge. A safe haven.  It's where you can speak to the founder or the co founders directly through group note with any questions or concerns or rough spots you may be having, as well as posting them publicly in the folder "Journal - Support Please".  Here, you can get support from the founders, as well as other people who may have had the same experiences as you.  
But that's not all this group is about!  You can also post a wide variety of artwork and photos and stamps all related to gay pride :D   In the 'Rainbows' folder, any kind of rainbow is welcome, be it gay or not!

Please help this group get views, members and artwork by affiliating, joining, advertising (Just don't get in trouble by doing this on other people's pages!) and inviting(:  

The founder will be changed to :deviarty-kyn: and I will be known as the co-founder from now on.

Can I Make A Journal?

Yes, of coarse! But first, you must run it through the founder and co-founders to see if it is appropriate, on topic, and not harmful in any way.
If it is self-advertising, bashing, spamming, hurtful or harmful it will be automatically denied.

Recent Journal Entries

Our Bloggers!

Here we have the amazing people who write all of the journal entries!