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Hello everybody!!!  I want to talk to you all about something very very important.  But first, this is our first journal entry since 2012!  YIKES!  I know a lot of people who were avid DA users back in the day have since moved on and maybe get on DA maybe once every few months (I am indeed guilty of this).  I always say I'm going to jump on back in but it never really seems to work out, but I just wanted to pop on in and say this group isn't just the founder and me, its US.  This group wouldn't be possible without every single one of you followers and contributors.  SO KEEP IT UP!!

Now.  I want every single one of you who sees this to do me a huge favor.

Create.  Draw and write and live and love.  Create love.  Create life.  Be a part of your community and support everybody for who they are.  I know the world is going through a LOT of scary times and changes, but we all must stay positive and LOVE.  The world is built upon hatred.  Hatred for skin color, sexual orientation, gender, clothing, religion.  The world hates.  So be the part of the world that loves.  Love will always win.  It is up to every single one of us to build each other up, do not let anybody tear you down.

Not only are people being destroyed, but so is the environment.  Never ever ever forget about the person standing next to you, but never forget that without trees and animals, we wouldn't survive.  People are moving towards killing off endangered animals and drilling for oil in national parks.  We can NOT let this happen.  Natures IS us.  We are nature.  We need each other to survive.  

So fight.

Fight for your sister, brother, mother, father, best friend, worst enemy.  Fight for the trees and the animals and the flowers and the wind.  Fight for rights.  Fight for love.  Fight so everybody can live as equals and never be torn apart again.  Be there for whoever needs it, be a safe haven.  This group is always always open and we will always listen.

Fight.  But fight with love.  Destroying buildings and hurting people and smashing windows DOES NOT WIN ANYTHING.  Destroying things is the exact thing we are trying to prevent.  We don't want to destroy lives, we want them to flourish.  We want people to know we live with love in our hearts, not hatred.  Do not live with hatred like them.  Live with love.  Show they love.  Show them what we are made of, show them we will not back down and show them that we do not have to kill to make a point.

Never forget to be you.  Don't ever lose yourself.  We are here.  Friends are here for you.  We will always love you and support you.   You are never alone.

Your co-founder,
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